To My Young Mothers

This morning while watching the Today Show they were giving Savannah Guthrie a farewell Babyshower. I literally had an emotional breakdown just reminiscing about how I sooo miss having young children. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my freedom of having an empty nest, but there is nothing like being a mother active in your children’s lives. So I say to you enjoy all the kissing of the boo boo’s, the sleepless nights, all the sports activities, PTA meetings, etc. When their gone there’s a piece of you that you’ll never be able to get back. I try to stay busy, but I struggle with it daily. I love my kids RaVon LaSean Danielson, Ty Lewis, AdJane’ Amami Latimer, Edward Earl Griffin, Jacquaila Rashai Lewis and all of their extended friends that call me mom. It means the world to me. James O. Lewis Jr and I have had the pleasure of pouring into their lives and with hopes that we gave something that they can hold on to, to make them a little better. Cherish and love your kids like you’ve never loved them before. 18 years goes by faster than you can imagine. I love you all.

Please share with other young mothers.


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